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Join our Sustainable Superheroes, Mission Control Heroes, and even Real Life Heroes as we explore how to care for ourselves, people around us, and our planet!


Storytimes, educational videos, arts and crafts, drawing guides, and so much more can be found on this page!

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Arts and Crafts

Seed Bombs

Lean how to make seed bombs with this informational video!

DIY Bird Feeder

Lean how to makeyour own bird feeder with this informational video!


The Educator Grow Garden is the perfect garden for a classroom! Don’t believe us See for y


Food for Thought

Learn about how to make healthier, more balanced choices in your day to day life.


Micro Garden Setup

Learn about easy growing at home with micro greens! Setting them up is easy and fun.


Angel and her
Wonderful Wings

Learn how to be inclusive with Angel!

Greta and the Giants

Learn all about climate change with Greta!

I Am Enough

Learn how what you do day to day is enough! Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but together they make the world work.